song competition ...

One song mixed & mastered for FREE!

(valued at approximately $360!)


To promote and grow this exciting, new local business -- and give back to the community -- MarkTulkDigital will mix and master (online) one student's home-recorded song for FREE each month!*

How to enter:

1. Record your song in Pro Tools or Pro Tools First (free)


2.  Include a link to a basic mix of your best song on Soundcloud and impress us with the creativity and originality of your music. Your song doesn't have to be professional quality, just demonstrate your musicianship, flare and potential! All genres accepted (excluding songs promoting hate-speech, violence or racist and sexist material etc.)

3. Like MarkTulkDigital's Facebook page

4. Share MarkTulkDigital's Facebook page (or the official MarkTulkDigital.Media website) with your friends on whatever social media platforms you use (you'll include links in your submission to document where you've shared these pages)

The most creative and original up-and-coming artist will be chosen each month for a professional make-over of one of their tracks in our studio, as well as having their song featured prominently on the MarkTulkDigital Facebook page!

* TERMS & CONDITIONS: There is no cost to enter. No on-site studio recording required. Only one submission per month, please. This offer is for artists under the age of 22 who have already made home recordings of their songs (in Pro Tools or Pro Tools First) and wish to have them professionally finished. The terms and conditions of this promotion may be altered at any time without reason. This competition may be withdrawn at any time without reason. MarkTulkDigital reserves the right to refuse any submission for any reason. No correspondence will be entered into. Thanks! :)

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