"Mark is an aesthetic quiet storm -- very understated but beneath the surface brimming with ... artistic fury. Having toured and recorded with him extensively I have great faith in his every move." - Jim White (Southern Gothic Legend!)

"Mark provided great service, feedback, and tremendous value ... The tracks sound great, and it was smooth from start to finish. Can't recommend him enough." - Jason Harwell (The Warm Fuzzies, Athens, GA)

“I’ve had the opportunity to live with the mix for a while and [also] passed it on to my label - unanimously we agree it’s excellent work.”Mel Holder (Grammy-Nominated Saxophonist)

"I really appreciated Mark's mixing work on my last song Who I Am (Back to Blackness) - he is efficient, unassuming, talented and a true music lover. I'm looking forward to working with Mark again in the near future" - Hillary Sargeant (FANGA)

"I'm so happy ... how good this sounds ... the quality of the production is world class. This is the most challenging thing I've ever done [and] I am blown away by the result of your mixing ... all the hard work you've put into this." - Levi McGrath (Australian Singer-Songwriter)

"Mark brings to the table both precision and passion in all things audio. When it comes to shaping and salvaging the sound and dialogue for my films, Mark has renewed by belief in the audio engineer as artist and craftsman. I highly recommend him to anyone concerned with dramatically raising the production value of their project." Ben Stamper (Award Winning Director)



Mixing typically includes optimizing levels, advanced corrective and creative application of EQs, compression, reverb, delay, chorus, distortion etc to individual tracks and groups. I use a range of both high-end digital plugins and analog hardware to mix your song, including summing your tracks thru the Chandler 16 channel fully-analog summing mixer.


Other onsite hardware includes: Teletronix LA2A, EMI TG12413 Zener Limiter, EMI TG12345 Curve Bender EQ, Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Compressor, Rupert Neve Designs 5042 Tape, Neve 1073N EQ.

Prices typically range from $150 to $450 per track*

Contact Me for more details.

Custom Services

I also offer a range of custom services, available on request:

  • Mix evaluation and coaching (pre-mastering advice on a song-by-song basis)

  • Processing of individual files: vocal or bass tracks can be run thru analog hardware such as our LA-2A Compressor or Neve 1073N EQ, for example

  • Analog summing: up to 8 stereo stem mixes can be summed thru our Chandler Mini Rack Mixer to add warmth and character to fully ITB (in the  box) mixes

  • Sound and dialogue editing, optimization and noise-reduction for film

  • Sound design and composition for film and theatre productions

  • Production of podcasts and radio shows

Contact Me for more details.

*For billing purposes "one song" is any audio material up to 6 minutes in length. Prices quoted are in USD. All estimates are valid for 30 days only.